Hebden High Street Lust List

This town is known for its independent shops and eco-take on products. I find it an absolute pleasure to go present hunting less than a mile from my front door. The internet presents too much competition for these little shops but there really is no reason for this.

It’s as little effort to wander down to the local shops as it is to find time to switch on the laptop and upload websites. Visit the shops and you can feel the goods (also I’m thinking prices online aren’t always what they seem when delivery charges are added).

What I am lusting over this week is a practical buy.

Last autumn as the skies turned grey I was delighted to find a bright green jacket from Seasalt at Dynamite Clothing on Market Street.

seasalt Topknot Mac

I love it. The colour cheers up the rest of my sombre black/navy /grey wardrobe and deflects from the lack of light in the valley during these wintry months.

Because it is so conspicuous I feel it might be easy to over-wear this coat so I am trying to justify buying a similar piece for my work days.

So here is the latest offering from Seasalt. Called a ‘Hellweathers Mac’, it’s a parka style with a fishtail, leather zip pull and adjusters and a large, gorgeously gingham-lined hood.

seasalt hellweathers mac

Hmmm, I want.

I need.

If I can encourage my employer to cover some of the cost (outerwear allowance may be applicable…) I’m off to Dynamite to buy.