Goodbye 2013

Congratulations on making it to day 365 of 2013!

What’s in store for you this year?

It seems at this time of year we have an urge to talk about fresh, new things and inevitably, after recent fattening up on booze and Quality Street, we are all thinking about getting smaller again.

I’m already ahead on the fitness goals having started in September at the gym so feeling smug about that, if a little horrified at how much it’s going to hurt on the 7th January after a fortnight off.

I’ve got a way to go before I achieve body beautiful but this year I may have to adjust my aim after reading recently about setting realistic goals in order to feel a full sense of achievement.

So, when I dream of having teeny, tiny lean buns (ahem, buttocks) which may look more at home atop of a pair of young male legs, I am not likely ever going to achieve any feeling of satisfaction. I am simply not, realistically, going to be able to get them.

The best body outcome would be for me to not feel completely panicked about baring all on the beach on the Barcelona trip booked this year. Now that would be an achievement.

Apart from the big house move looming in January we are hoping for a year of fulfilment. A change in career perhaps… a gearing down of lists of tasks…less guilt about things we aren’t attaining.

I want satisfaction in the good, wholesome things; learning to make great soups and stews and to fill the freezer with them, installing a wood burner and enjoying the first fires installed in the lounge at our new house, the boy getting to grips with reading and enjoying stories all to himself, actually catching up with the great pals who don’t live around the corner and whom we don’t see/contact regularly enough.

I wish you whatever you wish for during the next the orbital period of the earth moving around the sun. A happy and healthy 2014 to all!


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