Inkfolk – Easter Weekend

Inkfolk No.5So, Inkfolk… Seen the poster around Hebden? Spotted it on Facebook? Got any idea of what it’s about?

The four day event, down in the newly renovated basement of Machpelah Mill (at the junction for the station), is described as a pop-up bar, gallery and music space, and has returned this easter break. It’s the fifth session so far.

That's Saturday afternoon sorted out then...

That’s Saturday afternoon sorted out then…

And it’s not just about a night out. Goodies from Sailor and Lula vintage shop, Forage, Julia Breit and Forget-me-Knot Charity makes the basement a nice destination on Saturday. With a canal side garden terrace there’s might even be chance to enjoy cake and coffee in the spring sunshine (ever the optimist). There’s a licensed bar, serving local craft beers and wines if the caffeine doesn’t cut it.

The fabulous Magpie Cinema has featured shorts this evening using ‘Cannes in a Van’ mini film festival on wheels.

The exhibition opened on Thursday night and features work by Rowanna Lacey and Kasia Breska. Lacey’s work is called ‘Drawn Surface’ and is bespoke designs and unique illustrations applied to fabric and wallpaper among other things.

The blurb describes her work as: “Often using darkly evocative imagery and with a nod to traditional and historical pattern design she has created a truly distinctive style, using mixed media to create each piece, often using hand drawn illustrations to form the basis of the design.”

What it is is lovely. Living in London for many years Rowanna has now returned to her hometown of Hebden Bridge where she lives with her partner and young son high up on the green Pennine hills. As a response to the Valley flooding, Rowanna has been inspired to develop an “illustrative anthology” under the title of ‘Stolen Sun’.

Kasia is a fine artist based in Leeds in Oak House Studios and is a part of the East Street Arts group. She works with mixed media exploring non urban/wild spaces, approaching the landscapes as places with unique quality of patterns, colours, light and combination of living elements.

On Saturday night James Holroyd, from Back to Basics (and number one choice tour DJ for the Chemical Brothers no less for well over 15 years), is playing to a keen crowd who sorted their tickets early. Chris Price, one of the organisers said: “We are very happy that the ticket sales have been so good. We were sold out very early this time and I think that’s in part due to the low ticket price and the quality of the event. We want to keep the entry costs low so we are accessible.”

Too late for tickets for this Saturday but worth looking out for the next one

Too late for tickets for this Saturday but worth looking out for the next one

Sunday afternoon from 1pm hosts live music from WasIst Das presenting Slomo and Colin Potter. Tickets are £7 on sale from or £10 on the door.

I suppose it’s good that Inkfolk is only on every few months as something as varied and successful as this means there’s little reason to leave the valley.


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