Hebden Style File

Emma in animal print in Mytholmroyd

Emma in animal print in Mytholmroyd

Name: Emma Thomas

Age: 24.

Occupation: Waitress and barmaid.

Dream Occupation: Actress. Attending Manchester School of Acting. so hopefully one day will be a jolly good thespian!

Do you come from these parts? No but I’ve lived here most my life. I was born in Luton, but I count myself as a northern lass.

Describe what you are wearing today: It’s a bit chav chic/shabby chic. I like old Hollywood style but sometimes I love some big gold hoops and Adidas. I have an eclectic taste in clothes.

Do you own a pair of walking boots/very sensible shoes?  I have some £10 wellies and they do me pretty well for rain and snow.

Do you own a pair of heels and do you get to wear them in this valley? Yes I have loads and yes I wear them in the valley. When I was growing up here I had a lot of boy mates and at the same time became interested in heels and makeup etc. I would end up running around and climbing in heels.

Who is your favourite clothes maker (past or present)? I would probably say Chanel, especially back in the 50s and 60s. I also like Adidas, although that’s more of a sports make.

What look are you going for? Sometimes I dress on what persona would like to be that day. And I love any excuse to dress up – like my firework on bonfire night. My favourite yet was being a mermaid for my birthday. I also like to think of everything to my hair right down to my toenails.

What’s the best thing about living in Hebden? Although this is the annoying thing about Hebden I also like the fact that everyone knows each other. It’s a safe place to be. I adore our beautiful scenic surroundings, the fresh air and the wildlife. I also have made a lot of wonderful friends some young, some old and I will cherish them for life. I also like the fact that people can be who they want to be without being judged.

Good Day/Bad Day: Marylin Monroe/ Myra Hindley

I don’t feel right saying Marilyn as she’s far too good for me. So I don’t really know who to say? My boyfriend said it and I’m flattered but I don’t agree.

Siren Days

Siren Days

Eeeek! Extreme bad day for Emma...

Eeeek! Extreme bad day for Emma…


One thought on “Hebden Style File

  1. Ems will always be Hebden’s own Marilyn and she’s the only person I know who can make a Primark frock look like some great vintage find and totally individual. Plus, she’s lovely. Awwwww. Auntie Txxx

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