Breakfast is the New Dinner

Late last year we met up with friends for food. No big achievement it seems. But after several failed dinner attempts, last minute cancellations due to illness and an inability to even get chance to talk diaries on the phone I had almost given up seeing them again this century.

Our lives, it seems, are getting ever busier. I wake earlier than the children in attempt to get ahead for the day and go to bed late. Don’t misunderstand; I like busy, I want busy, I feel alive when I am busy. Sometimes though, I also crave some catch up socialising with my nearest and dearest.

One Saturday morning when I had a few spare minutes to call a few friends (washing in the machine, floors cleaned, online food shopping done, breastfeeding in process) I managed to get hold of all of them. It appears 10am Saturday morning is a time when people are available.

That’s when the idea arrived. Forget evening invitations…the only way of getting together was for breakfast. One set of friends (who between them work hard in their careers, run a smallholding and manage an obsessive golfing hobby) were available the following Saturday morning. It was that easy.

I am no chef so the other great thing about the morning meal is its simplicity. Grilled sausages all round, a few pan-fried mushrooms, a couple of loaves from Sakers Organic Bakery in Hebden and chopped up fruit and everyone is happy.

After the food the rest of the day stretches out before us and with a full stomach we head on out to the world. The best thing though, if you are having a lovely time, the jobs list can always be put off until another day and the breakfast meet-up turns into a lunch date too.


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