Tilly O and Coco

The bright and beautiful Tilly girl has turned one.

Where has this year gone?

Just twelve short months ago I was patting my huge bump preparing to grunt and groan my way through labour in Finn’s bedroom (don’t fret he was with the grandparents – the Irish ones shall now be known as the O’Grands).

It was a shocker of a labour (whose isn’t?) followed by an emergency c-section which ensured Mathilde arrived with appropriate dramatic fanfare (my God, am I still talking about it…?)

Last week on her first birthday I was reviewing those early photos. During those few days she is looking a little yellow. The following week she is positively radioactive. And still, I didn’t see it. I was blinded by the total baby lovefest.

When we were strung out and delirious during those first few weeks we sang “Tall and tanned and young and lovely, the girl from Hebden Bridge goes walking…”. The song is now hers.

This little one has completed our family. Slushy may be but oh so true.

Three is the magic number … but four is infinitely more fun.

A December birthday, I’ve heard, with its proximity to Christmas, can mean a doubling up of presents and a serious lack of birthday focussed partying and absolute July-birthdate envy. Shame then, I couldn’t push Tilly O out a few weeks earlier…

But her first birthday was a fabulous celebration; a very girlie affair (no boys allowed…well not until the second half anyhow).

She’s a very lucky girl and got some gorgeous, thoughtful presents. Is it rude to say I have a few favourites? There’s one in particular that I will struggle to allow her to play with on her own.

Coco is a knitted darling of a bear with her own clothes collection.

I’ve got big plans for this bear.

The lovely Coco Bear

The lovely Coco Bear

IMG_2593I intend to build a mini-wardrobe (honing joinery skils I haven’t yet acquired) so that Tilly O and I can add to the outfits over the years.

Good luck we have a trained seamstress at hand in Nannie O’Grand then.


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