There are a couple of reasons I have started this blog.

1)I have a busy life and don’t ever find the time to write a diary. I do, however, manage to find time to check my social media. So I’m thinking it might be easier to document family life on a blog.

Tapping away on the laptop almost looks like work and I can also manage it while breastfeeding (whereas writing with a pen is not exactly conducive to multi-tasking).

2)I live in a great town.

Hebden Bridge does a decent job of promoting itself (floods, big lesbian community, writers and artists make for good headlines) but I’d like to look a little more carefully at some of the amazing independent shops, cafes and other businesses that convinced us to up sticks from deepest, darkest Lancashire and over the white rose border.

So this blog will be about family life, life as a woman, celebration of this intriguing small northern town, and whatever else comes along.

By the way, by calling myself the Hebden Mama I do not mean to say I am the Hebden mama. There are lots of us about. 

It’d be nice if you could join me. It’d be especially nice if you add your comments to the posts. 

Thank you.


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